Agreement signed between PUEC-UNAM and the Coordination of International Affairs of the Mexico City´s Government

From letf to right: Javier Delgado Campos, Director of PUEC UNAM; Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Solórzano,  General Coordinator of International Affaires and Carlos Humberto Gadsden Carrasco, Director of CEMM UNAM.

An on line based Diploma course was promoted, the principal object is to professionalize local governments towards their internalization.

 Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, General Coordinator of Foreign Affairs (CGAI) to the Government of Mexico City, and Javier Delgado, Director of the University Studies Program of the UNAM (PUEC), signed a collaboration agreement on May 25 to organize the course on line "International Action of Local Governments", which began last February and is expected to end in August.

The General Cooperation Agreement, signed in November 2014, was an important precedent for the elaboration of the current Specific Agreement, convened by the Euro-Latin American Alliance for the Cooperation of Cities (AL-LAS) and the CGAI's PUEC-UNAM with collaboration of other institutions such as Coordination for Open University and Distance Learning (CUAED) and the Coordination of local and metropolitan studies (CEMM), the two institutions of the UNAM

The course focuses on promoting the professionalization of local governments in their international relations. This edition includes the international participation of Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Belgium, Spain and Mexico. In terms of its contents, the program includes a first free access module (MOOC) and another five, each of them coordinated by an expert and with the participation of twenty international speakers. 

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